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An open source, smart contract-based Trade Coin

A better, smarter currency can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

TRDC is a decentralized currency that does not discriminate. Any individual or business can realize the advantages of digital money.

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Total control with our transaction system

Transaction system will never ask you for your wallet keys. Your funds will be securely held on a public listed blockchain within a uniquely created keyless smart contract.
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We are building a highly scalable blockchain ecosystem

We’re committed to providing technology that combines scalability, decentralization, and security.


To turn this vision into reality, We are developing different parts of an open system and closely works with partners to support the adoption of Tradex technology.


our story

our concept & mission

In April 2019, Tradex was launched by Mark Smith and Jane Mobasser with the intention to solve blockchain finance for all. The goal was to bring mobile apps to the masses and create a platform that enabled a brand to design, launch and manage an app with no coding or development work required.

Our investors


Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch

Designed for novices & pros

Our bots helps traders of all levels succeed in the crypto market.

Backtesting on actual data

Test your assumptions and bot strategy on real historical trading data.

Real-time bot analytics

Get a complete and detailed statistics of your bots performance.

Non-stop profit

Our cloud-based platform keeps bots working even you are offline

Decentralized Finance

DeFi is a new financial system that allows everyone to earn money in new ways globally. With DeFi, anyone in the world can use all the financial tools.

Tokenized Real Estate

Digitalization and fractionalization of real estate make secondary markets more liquid and attract new investors, better access to real estate investments for individuals.

Our Journey


Crypto Trading Bots
  • Initiated the exploration of the crypto trading industry, conducting research and formulating the concept for Tradex24's Crypto Trading Bots.
  • Assembled a team of experts and strategists to develop a comprehensive strategy for entering the crypto trading bot market.
  • Developed the prototype of Tradex24's Crypto Trading Bots, focusing on trading algorithms and security.
  • Conducted testing and risk management assessments, laid the groundwork for ICO fundraising.

Q1 2024

Deeper Integration with Binance Coin (BNB):
  • In this quarter, Tradex24 unveils enhanced compatibility with Binance Coin (BNB), providing users with more opportunities for value exchange.
  • We introduce innovative DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions, allowing users to participate in yield farming and liquidity provision.
  • Security remains a top priority, with the implementation of advanced security features to protect digital assets.

Q2 2024

Expanding Horizons
  • Tradex24 kicks off the year with a series of strategic partnerships, strengthening our position in the blockchain and crypto services industry.
  • We introduce new features to enhance user experience, including enhanced security measures and a more intuitive interface.
  • Our team actively participates in industry conferences and expertise with the global blockchain community.

Q3 2024

NFT Marketplace Thrives
  • Tradex24's NFT marketplace experiences exponential growth, becoming a hub for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide.
  • We launch exclusive NFT collections in collaboration with renowned artists and creators, attracting a diverse audience.
  • Our commitment to transparency is reinforced with real-time NFT transaction data available to users.


Meet the dedicated team behind Crypteck. Together, they work tirelessly to

lay the foundation for a unique metavers.

Yes, you can trade cryptocurrencies on our platform. We offer a user-friendly interface, real-time market data, and a variety of trading pairs to cater to both beginners and experienced traders.

We employ stringent security measures, including multi-factor authentication and cold storage of assets, to protect your crypto holdings. Our commitment to security means you can trade with confidence on our platform.

Tradex24’s crypto wallet is a fully decentralized wallet designed for secure and convenient storage and management of digital assets. It provides users with full control over their assets and supports various cryptocurrencies.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets representing ownership of digital or physical items. Tradex24’s NFT marketplace provides a secure platform for artists, collectors, and creators to trade NFTs. It offers transparency in ownership and provenance.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that Tradex24 leverages to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency in various industries. We offer a range of blockchain-based solutions, including trade finance, supply chain management, and secure transactions, to empower businesses and individuals.

Blockchain technology can benefit your business by improving security, transparency, and reducing fraud. It enhances supply chain management, digital identity verification, and more, depending on your specific needs. Tradex24’s blockchain services are tailored to meet these requirements.

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