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Token Sale

Invest in the Future of Blockchain with TRDC

Our token sale is your exclusive opportunity to be part of the future of blockchain technology. With TRDC we’re offering a digital asset that represents not just a token but a gateway to a world of innovative blockchain services. By participating in our token sale, you’re joining a community of forward-thinkers, investors, and enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of blockchain.

Total 2.4 Billion Supply



token introduction

Token Name


Pre - ICO

Nov 1, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024
Token to sell: 72,000,000

token information
Total Token Supply


Circulation Supply



 Binance Smart Chain
BNB (BEP-20)



Inital Price:

100 TRDC = 1 USDT

Currencies Accepted:


Minimum Purchase:

100 TRDC

Fund Allocation

  • 35% Product Development
  • 25% Eco-system Development
  • 15% Marketing
  • 10% Legal & Regulation
  • 10% Reserve Funds
  • 2% Affiliate Program


Meet the dedicated team behind Tradex24. Together, they work tirelessly to

lay the foundation for a unique metavers.

TRDC ICO, short for “Tradex24 Coin Initial Coin Offering,” represents the opportunity to invest in our native token, TRDC. By participating, you become an early supporter of our blockchain and crypto ecosystem, gaining access to exclusive features, benefits, and potential value appreciation as our platform grows. It’s a chance to be part of the future of blockchain technology and crypto services.

Participating in the TRDC ICO is easy. Visit our official ICO platform and follow the registration and contribution instructions. You can typically use various cryptocurrencies to invest in TRDC. Make sure to check our ICO guidelines and follow the provided steps for a smooth and secure participation process.

TRDC tokens hold significant utility within the Tradex24 ecosystem. They can be used for various transactions, such as trading fees, staking, governance participation, and accessing exclusive platform features. Holding TRDC also gives you the potential to benefit from its value appreciation as our ecosystem grows, making it a versatile and valuable asset within our platform.

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